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’, as he angrily once put it) might not have been cracking as many jokes as he had done at a Palace garden party some 24 hours earlier, but even from his hospital bed, it is safe to assume he would have wondered what all the fuss was about.

Then she had to fend off a question from fearless veteran broadcaster John Humphrys, apparently the only BBC soul bold enough to ask how her husband was.

Someone like Rolf will carry on unless they are shamed and stopped.”Ben, Vanessa’s partner of eight years, said: “I am proud of the fact that Vanessa came forward.

The Bachelor's Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have called off their engagement.

Brucie said afterwards it was ‘a great shame’ the Duke could not attend the opening.

Aside from her reflective moment, the Queen looked relaxed and at ease, appearing to enjoy meeting famous faces from television and radio.

At the time I did not even ­consider going to the police.

If it happens to you it has very probably happened to a host of other women and girls.

Speaking from a suite at the five-star Kempinski hotel in Istanbul, where she is on holiday with her fiance, singer Ben Ofoedu, 42, Vanessa explained: “It was a very relaxed show shot in a lock keeper’s cottage in east London and the bedroom was real.“I clearly remember being excited about interviewing Rolf Harris because like millions of others I had grown up with him.“I used to sing his famous Two ­Little Boys song with my sister and I was a great fan.“When I was in make-up some of the girls said I should watch out because it was known in the business he had wandering hands. You have to be joking.’“I was in my mid-30s and very ­happily married and he was in his mid-60s and old enough to be my dad.“It all started very well. Speaking slowly, and clearly stressed at recalling the episode, Vanessa continued: “Then I felt his hand on my thigh. I was not wearing tights or stockings and I sensed nothing was going to stop him.“After a few seconds he had managed to get his hand inside the elastic of my knickers and I was absolutely staggered.“Somehow I knew I had to do something but I was in the middle of an interview on live television with one of the most famous men in the country.“What do you do?

He was affable, genial, responding well to my questions.“I was lying on cushions on the bed in a long, flowing, floor-length, heavily beaded evening dress. As the interview continued, with his wife watching and with the crew all in the room, I suddenly felt a rustling at the hem of my dress.“I was on live television so I could not look down but I sensed that his hand was at the bottom of my dress and he was slowly gathering the ­fabric up and moving his hand higher and higher up my leg.“He was carrying on talking as though nothing was going on, smiling and joking, as he moved his hand ­further up.“Suddenly his hand had reached my knee and he was still going up and travelling at speed. Stop and tell the viewers: ‘Rolf Harris is assaulting me’.

We were really rooting for them, but the show's track record ain't great.

The big exceptions are Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney (Molly was technically the runner-up) and Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, who tied the knot in a live TV wedding and are the only Bachelor couple to still be together.

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