22 years old dating a 16 year old

I have a 16 year old daughter living with Father, Father has been letting a 10 year older man date her the last 2 years, she is now going to have a baby by the 26 year old. Legally, if the father somehow encouraged an underager to be with an adult, and knew they were sexually involved, then he has contributed to the deliquency of a minor and is guilty as an accomplice to statutory rape, I'd think. In a few years a 10 year age difference will not be a big deal. My grandmother was 18 years younger than her husband. Father allowed her to date, what did he think was going to happen?Her father wants to press charges agaist the 26 year old. HELP Mary8877Join Our Christian Friendship and Take The Parenting Bible Quiz --- I wonder what happened that the family was split up and the mother not at home at a time when a girl really needs her mother. So, if he thinks criminal charges need to be filed . Mike, the 16 year old's mother is the one who asked the original question and she states that the daughter (who, by now, will be 19) lived with her father at the time.Finally, remember, with God (inbetween situations) anything is possible. I have contempt for people who treat other people badly. I also have contempt for people who would try to oppress other people, whether they are the poor, minorities or women.In Paul's journey as our greatest example of an Evangelist, struggled - yet encouraged when 'our' expectations became shipwrecked. Reread those posts and tell me if they show contempt for the male species or the people who would hurt and oppress the weaker people in the world. I just felt the need to emphasize the severity of this problem.He will be looked into - but by a secular organization - not a spiritual one.All you can do at this point is give the 16 year all the support you can.

Honestly, I dated a guy who lied to me and said he was 18 but later I found out he had just turned 27. The 26 year old should have know that if he got the girl pregnant all heck is going to happen3.

Were is the 16 yr olds mother and why did she not put a stop to this or at least tryed.

From a legal perspective, I have to remain silent - but it now seems he is trying to "close the barn door after the cows have escaped." Why does the father have this girl in the first place?

The carnal self is to be buried and we are all suspose to be new creatures in Christ with hearts purified ready to resist temptation and the members of our body also ready to serve God and not sin.

Bethany: The 26 year old predator can get salvation in prison, where he belongs.

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It is totally wrong and the girl and the baby will have a life of misery.

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