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Opponents of social networking say that the sites prevent face-to-face communication; waste time on frivolous activity; alter children’s brains and behavior making them more prone to ADHD; expose users to predators like pedophiles and burglars; and spread false and potentially dangerous information.

After George Middle School in Portland, Oregon, introduced a social media program to engage students, grades went up by 50%, chronic absenteeism went down by 33%, and 20% of students school-wide voluntarily completed extra-credit assignments.

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Nobody ever feels quite full of friendship, and everybody wants more of it, even if it’s embarrassing to admit.

But talk to the Bronies and the Pegasisters and they’ll point to something else, too, an ideal so dangerously earnest that it risks universal derision, but visionaries throughout history — Jesus and Lenin, Mohammed and Joseph Smith — have staked their lives on it, the idea that a small, committed band of friends can change the world, can give hope to the hopeless and justice to the suffering.

Like all catchy aphorisms, “Friendship is magic” works on a couple levels. As Scott-Henning puts it: “When you have people around you who protect you and relate to you and are your close friends, that does appeal greatly.” Also, it’s aspirational.

What if “friendship” as envisioned in My Little Pony really functioned as a geopolitical force and could ease global problems, such as inequality, terrorism, mistrust? “The notion of friendship resonates in a way that it wouldn’t before,” says Blue.

“The Occupy movement is friends of friends organizing themselves. There is an extent to which having friends of friends of friends has become a kind of power.” When, last month, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Sarah Silverman set about making a video explaining income inequality for Paul Allen’s “We the Economy” series, they made a My Little Pony parable called “The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas.” Having built Equestria and inspired megafandom overnight, Faust left the show just one season in after clashing with her bosses over production schedules and ­creative control.

But four years after her departure, fans still refer to Faust with the reverence of a people remembering a distant god.

The parting was an unhappy one for Faust — “It’s very painful for me. I left the show, but I kind of feel like it was taken away from me” — and she licked her wounds for a long time.

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