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If you or someone you know is in immediate suicidal crisis, call the 24-hour Suicide Prevention Crisis Lines or 911.Well Space Health operates the region’s Suicide Prevention Crisis Line.As the counselor listened and provided empathy, the caller also recognized what brought them hope- a caring person in their life who showed unconditional support.

Well Space Health also offers customized workshops on Suicide Awareness, Lethality Assessment, and Crisis Intervention to meet the specific needs of many groups and agencies throughout the region including: high schools, colleges, therapists, hospitals, non-profits, law enforcement agencies, social workers, domestic violence centers, professionals, faith organizations, and more.Initially they felt uncomfortable to just talk, ashamed even.They had experienced significant trauma in their life including being abused and victimized as a child, homelessness as a teenager, not ever really experiencing the childhood they hoped for.The caller felt they were now able to keep safe, looking forward to start counseling.Follow-up calls were offered for additional support and linkage to resources; the caller felt much better saying, “ I could see no hope until I talked to you- I’m ready to find me again and get my strength back.” ------ 2 - An individual phoned our 24/hr Suicide Prevention Crisis Lines "just needing to talk to someone right now." They were having thoughts of suicide; having a hard time.

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They talked with the counselor about the influence of drugs on their childhood and adulthood, never remembering feeling loved.

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