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The leaked documents describe the users under surveillance as "unselected", meaning that data was collected indiscriminately in bulk from users regardless of whether they were an intelligence target or not.

The vast majority of affected users would have been completely innocent of any crime or suspicion of a crime.

He’s been spotted at the Atlanta strip club Follies.

Is an outsize personality in a game that does its best to be devoid of human personality at all. It’s a responsibility that I have that’s unbeknownst to anybody else.

“Newton, 26, an ebullient, intelligent, gifted quarterback,” wrote “I had so much emotion,” he says now, trying to explain. You know, what a person says to me, says about me—if it’s not coming out of Chosen’s mouth.… And meanwhile ostensible sports fans found new things to get upset about. But faced with a national-magazine writer and a switched-on tape recorder, you too might say something other than what you really thought, if that thought seemed like a dangerous, potentially uncontrollable thing to share with a stranger.

“I feel if I can control myself not to eat meat, I can control myself not to litter.

You wouldn’t know he regularly gets hit at car-crash speeds by rough human equivalents of compact cars. Entering his sixth remarkable season in the league and he looks…fresh. “What other sport do you know brings people around, or that brings the unity from family, friends, loved ones, like a Super Bowl does? It was like watching something implacable make its way down the field—the improbable grace amid chaos, the sheer power of his talent. Part of discipline is knowing when to change things up. We all have things that we would not want others to know. We don’t need to recount all these things that he would prefer other people not to know, right? For a decade now—ever since he left the University of Florida under controversial circumstances, and Auburn, where he wound up, also under controversial circumstances—Cam’s been apologizing for the teenager he was. And I just want to be the voice of that.” He’s a better man at 27 than he was at 18, even as he regularly endures condescension far worse than what he got as a kid. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock: “It’s just this gut feeling that I have that I don’t know how great he wants to be.” And: “Something tells me he’ll be content to be a multimillionaire who’s pretty good.” He came into the league under the shadow of real prejudice. But Richardson’s account survives on You Tube; look it up, if you want to break something.)As a rookie, Cam wears No.

Maybe he just didn’t feel like participating in the whole economy of outrage that surrounds him today.“I’ll let you be the judge. I look at it like some people have certain beliefs, and I have my own belief, and we can agree to disagree on certain things. I just feel like my impact and my heart tends to, you know, go the younger route.” Every episode, Cam helping some young boy or girl realize some weird ambition, like making a You Tube show about snake handling. They all brought something different.” Don’t be like Cam, was the idea. Before, the goal “was always to live comfortably and do the things that you want to do with whoever you want to do it with.

“He told us a lot of things.” He managed about 150 terse, angry seconds, eyes cast nowhere in particular, before standing up, walking off, going home to sob. Whether a mean tweet, a mean [person] saying, ‘Hey, you’re supposed to do it like this’—if my son ain’t saying it, then it don’t matter to me.”The Super Bowl still follows him around daily, like a ghost. Using it to grow, even.“What do you want me to do, write another letter back to her? With my father being a preacher, you don’t think I’ve had this discussion before? Playoffs three seasons in a row, Super Bowl last year. Is this even a controversial opinion, to think that Cam lives in a world of coded and not-so-coded critiques that basically boil down to resentment about the existence of such a sublime black quarterback? We’d met maybe 25 minutes prior—one of those situations where we’re both trying to talk about a lot of things in a relatively short amount of time.

It was national news—not just the loss but the press conference. And we didn’t.” He’s past it now without regretting it exactly: “I could care less. Cam showing up on your TV every Sunday like Tony Soprano garroting new victims. It’s amazing, the scale and duration of what Cam’s endured from the football public; it’s why I wanted to ask him about it.

Maybe today he woke up and felt like being just a quarterback, not a black quarterback. And not just because the show doesn’t just talk about him.

Maybe he feels fatigue at having to have this conversation with any random reporter who thinks he’s entitled to his thoughts on this subject. I’m all about learning.” Fascinated with those who came before him. I read, you know, certain magazines, just to try to get hip to certain people’s vibes.” He says he’s been watching ESPN’s O. It talks about everything around him, from the socio-economic problems that we had to everything.

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