Axe dating game are online dating sites a good idea

Which is just fine, apparently, because these guys’ game expired the moment they graduated.

“This scene,” says marketing director Gaston Vaneri, as we watch Denise sexually harass the entire sport of golf, “was discussed for a very long time.”And it survived. “We avoid the debate with our legal department around a la carting a spot,” Vaneri says.

Procter & Gamble tried to keep up but couldn’t; one copycat, Tag, folded in 2010.

And this is why a dignified institution like IFF is eager to devote space to the preferred brand of bros in heat: Each Axe scent–there are 13 for sale now–will sell about three times the volume of an average fine fragrance.

And yet, if this were just a case of “sex sells,” Axe’s siren call would be easy to replicate. Axe, which is owned by Unilever, is a .5 billion global brand with relentless growth (retail sales rose 13.6% from 2010 to 2011).

Its success is largely the result of a sophisticated, cutting-edge marketing machine that constantly monitors youth culture’s subtle shifts so as to stay hot on the hormone trail.

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