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People were so in love with the original characters and there’s something about being part of the first year of a maverick show.

In some sense there’s nothing you can really do, because it’s been done. I guess it’s a way for the viewers to make sense of everything. Every time there’s a new character, my first thought is, “Who is she supposed to be from last year?

However, this year feels like a lot more planning went into it. But they’re giving us the real script at the last minute. This year they’re just not letting any of the actors know what’s in the script until the day they shoot.

Last year, I got the feeling from the actresses I talked to that the writers were “making it up as they went along” so they had to act ambiguously, just as you said. They wrote a dummy script for the last couple of episodes — you know, so that the crew could start setting up the locations, sets, and costumes. No one else agreed with me, but I got a lesbian vibe off of you and Paula. Oh, right, where you wrote she was going to ask me for a tampon?

We do not tolerate intentional attempts to hijack, derail, or bait others into an emotional response.

It’s the best set I’ve ever worked on and I think a lot of that is due to Kiefer. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning and repeat offenders may be permanently banned.

Although not as much anymore, because he’s a big old movie star now so he’s always working. One week he had Kiefer convinced that he was wearing a hairpiece. I’ve never been into blonds, so I appreciate Kiefer aesthetically, but I prefer… We thought with the name “Carrie Turner” she was going to be another blonde. It’s really funny, because you read what’s posted on all of these websites and you’d think they’d have to have smelling salts on the set to revive all the “ladies” but it’s not like that at all. I’d heard of him, but I’d actually never seen any of his movies.

Yeah, Dennis [Haysbert] will come out with us sometimes. I’ve gone out with Sarah [Clarke], Laura [Harris], and Kiefer. He has this dry sense of humor where he lets you think he’s serious for the longest time. When I had the whole lesbian storyline coming up, we were wondering who they’d cast. A lot of actors won’t do that, especially if they’re…well, Kiefer. Although I had no idea how good he was until I got this job and started working with him.

I was in this Eric Bogosian play and she had worked with the director on something else, so I met her when she came out and saw the show. When you all go out, is there this sense that the Palmer people and the CTU people are rival gangs? Actually, the plus side of that is that it’s an ideal working environment. ” So Carlos found out who they were casting and he was like, “Well, let’s just say that Michelle has a thing for the Latins!

She was nothing like the character she played on ]. There was a girl in that who was dating the guy who played David [Johnny Galicki]. No, but the producers threw a party the other night and everyone came out, Penny [Johnson Jerald], Dennis, and Jude [Ciccolella]… Well, at the beginning of the year, we were all having lunch and Dennis said to me, “Well, I’ll see you at the Christmas party.” So, yeah, a lot of the time we don’t see the people who are on other sets. He kept coming up to Kiefer and saying, “Is this on right? And I was like, “Please, there are enough blondes on this show, she’s gotta be a brunette!

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