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American rock musician Peter Holmström, better known as the frontman of The Dandy Warhols, the band who arrived at the height of the Portland, Oregon grunge movement, but defied their heritage from the start by releasing Velvet Underground-inspired psychedelic albums with musical nods to Ride and My Bloody Valentine.

At a time when licensing songs to television commercials was considered selling out, The Dandy’s bucked the trend and gained considerable mainstream exposure by lending their hit college radio track, “Bohemian Like You” to a Vodaphone commercial, inadvertently blazing a trail for future independent artists to use mass advertising mediums as a means of publicity.

Since then, Askew has undergone a rightful resurgence and surely everyone that ever dug a Donovan or Devendra tune has taken notice, so Ed’s obscure 1984 cassette ‘Imperfiction’ was also reissued by Galactic Zoo Disk / Drag City in 2011 and quickly sold out.

Ed has since resumed making music and has released several albums over the last decade but meanwhile, it appears the Askew historical goldmine had not been fully tapped.

Join “the king and queen of the banjo” as they perform music from their collective repertoire as well as from their self-titled debut for which they took home the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Folk Album.

Sixteen-time Grammy Award winner Bela Fleck has taken the banjo across multiple genres, and Abigail Washburn has re-radicalized it by combining it with Far East culture and sounds.

The tapes were meticulously studied and the best versions extracted for this release, some perhaps even more gorgeous than the originals.

While he is a huge pop fan and has written multitudes of pop hits for pop stars, his heart has a special place for those big studio epic productions.

Ed Askews’s most well known album, the sublimely gorgeous ‘Ask The Unicorn’ (1968) which has now been recognised as a god-damn underground classic.

Armed only with a tiple (sort of a South American mandolin) and his lilting neigh of a voice (and bearing superficial resemblances to label mates Pearls Before Swine and heady UK acoustic folkers Incredible String Band), Askew spun tales of doomed sisters, crashing universes, budding gay love and a serious fondness for roses on his rare, precious and beautiful album (remastered in 2015 by Tin Angel).

The albums’ 11 tracks feature a variety of guest singers and collaborators including Robert Levon Been (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), Alex Maas (Black Angels), Lisa Elle (Dark Horses), Jason Sebastian Russo (Hopewell, Mercury Rev), Jsun Atoms (The Upside Down, Daydream Machine), Emil Nikolaisen (Sereena-Maneesh) and Jeremy Sherrer (The Dandy Warhols, Modest Mouse, The Shins).

Singer-songwriter Ed Askew was one of the renowned astral folk stars of the late 60’s and he is still very active today with his latest album ‘Art and Life’ (10.2017) recently released on Tin Angel.

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