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Poppy's parents Ellena and Robbie have launched appeal to raise £300,000 for treatment abroad.Cody Hall (pictured right), 25, from Corby, Northamptonshire, had such a large birthmark, it distorted the left side of her face (pictured left with her mother Theresa).The little girl was battling progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 2, or PFIC2, which prevents liver cells from flushing out bile.Thanks to the liver transplant, the four-year-old now has a full life ahead of her.Experts at Birmingham University found women undergoing fertility treatment are 33 per cent more likely to have a baby if their vitamin D levels are healthy. Miss Tourism Australia winner Diana Hills (pictured left being crowned this year's beauty pageant winner and right) has fired back at cruel trolls who accused her of being too skinny to represent the country.The 20-year-old - who was recently crowned the winner - revealed she has a thick skin from years of online body shaming abuse.I just want to show people that there is a happy ending.' Growing up (inset), Ms Hall endured cruel stares and comments from strangers.Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found mothers whose first trimesters were during summer are more likely to have children with irregular heartbeats as they were exposed to air pollution.

His new show on TLC called The Healer displays his gift as he treats chronic conditions with just one touch.

Charlotte Watts, nutritionist, author of The De-Stress Effect, says it's important to look out for the signals of stress and respond fast with dietary solutions.

Researchers from the VA Boston Healthcare System found those who indulge at least five times a week are the least at risk of a coronary artery-related event and those who never do so are most susceptible.

Practicing cardiologist John Warner, 52, gave a speech on Sunday afternoon at the annual AHA conference in Anaheim, California.

On Monday morning he suffered a 'minor episode' and received a stent to open a clogged artery.

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'When there is no work, there is no money,' said the 35-year-old.

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