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" Gunter appears in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" and is very sick, but it later turns out that he/she "was preggers". Gunter re-appears in the episode "Still," trying to mess with the potions Ice King brought to freeze Finn and Jake.Ice King says that Gunter likes to break bottles, which Gunter eventually does.Ruby is silly, goofy and completely infatuated with Hawk Snow White. When she's not thinking about him(which is rare) she seems like a nice girl with a stronger moral compass than Vicky and Cyrus.However, when it concerns Hawk, all her good sense and brains disappear.He/She is shown to be a troublemaker in this episode.Gunter's name is written on Marceline's journal in "Marceline's Closet." Gunter appears multiple times in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part I" and "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II." Notably, during his/her "Penguin Dance Party" video, Ice King calls two different penguins "Gunter" in the same scene.In "Five More Short Graybles," Gunter is among the penguins who want to lick Ice King's salty tears, but Ice King pushes him/her away, telling him/her that s/he's on a "low-salt diet." In "All the Little People," there is a Little Gunter among the Little People.Strangely, he/she seems to notice Finn's hand when Finn gives Ice King his drum set.

In "Bad Little Boy," an alternate Gunter in Ice King's fiction story is seen being ridden by Fionna and Cake.Gunter got impatient, however, and attempted to shatter one of the Gumball Guardians' heads (seeing as it is essentially a giant bottle), showing that Gunter is so obsessed with shattering glass that s/he does not particularly care whether they are sentient or not.Gunter is only stopped when the Ice King returns from his outing, scolding him/her for taking his wishing eye and telling him/her to go back to the castle.In "Reign of Gunters," Gunter proves s/he is the most (potentially) evil entity in Ooo, excluding the Lich, by using Ice King's demonic wishing eye to conquer Ooo and destroy all of its glass objects.At one point, the army of Gunters ran out of bottles to break, so Princess Bubblegum suggested reconstructing the bottles to perpetually keep Gunter occupied.

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It is unknown whether this was intentional by the show's staff.

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