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Dating is not a new phenomenon, per se, but it sure seems to be enjoying a renaissance of popularity now, partly in response to the HIV/AIDS crisis.Dating's popularity seems to be a backlash from the carefree, promiscuous, and often anonymous sex days of the 1970s and 1980s.However, the majority of the HIV-positive people interviewed for this article listed the issues of disclosure of their status and the accompanying fear of rejection as their biggest problem in meeting people and dating. Sam: Well, usually I just tell people the first time I meet them in a bar, or wherever. The latter would be if the depression is more serious, and you feel you might benefit from taking an antidepressant medication.

When asked about using safer sex (i.e., condoms) when having sex with the man she is dating, Rhonda responded, "Yeah, I know we should and all that, but we've discussed it and he doesn't want to. He'll just die with me." Sometimes, people don't use condoms because they are tired of using them for so many years or because they buy into the media hype that the new protease inhibitors are so effective that the health crisis is over. Because his affectionate behavior might turn you on and challenge you to break your celibacy? Ray is a gay man his late fifties who lost his lover of ten years to complications from AIDS in July 1996.This writer interviewed several people for this article to gain their views and opinions.Patients, friends, and social acquaintances honestly discussed their perspectives on the perils, pitfalls, and pleasures of (what I like to term) "positive dating." Tom, a gay man in his fifties, found out about his HIV-positive status four months ago.Ed, a forty-something Puerto Rican gay male who looks healthy, admitted privately that he is constantly plagued by neuropathy (nerve damage characterized by sensory loss, pain, muscle weakness and wasting of muscle in the hands or legs or feet). I still go out socially once in a while, but I don't pick up anyone to have sex. This issue, known as "survivor guilt," is one that may affect HIV-positive people when they are dating. So it hasn't changed my dating habits too much, but I will tell you that I am less aggressive in pursuing people than I used to be.An HIV-positive person's physical condition affects positive dating. Sometimes the HIV-positive person meets someone, like Ray, who has lost a lover to the virus (or maybe the HIV-positive person him or herself has lost a lover to the virus). The fear of rejection can have many forms for the HIV-positive person.

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The line of thinking about dating is that it might be the best way to explore and develop healthy relationships.

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