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Remember that "it takes two to tango" and if you don't take the bait, the fight is not going anywhere unless the guy just blatantly attacks you.

If you "have" to fight, remember that more and more bars and nightclubs are installing and using fairly high tech camera systems and if the cops are going to use the footage from that to investigate a crime, you want it to clearly show that you did everything you could to avoid the fight and that you were acting in self defense.

I can understand being young and dumb and wanting to "prove yourself", but if you over the age of 25 and still think that this is an appropriate method of "earning your chops", I think that you should spend some time in deep introspection and look at why that is.

You could only be cited for, at most, secondary crimes such as "disorderly conduct" or "public intoxication" (if you are)." I gave him an answer but I wasn't really satisfied with what I told him and so began to give it some thought.First off, I would suggest that you avoid getting into fights in bars (or anywhere else for that matter). Even if you are good in a fight, you never know when "Mr.Stamped onto that cute behind of hers is the phrase "Tough Girl".Little did I know that those two words would describe her to a 'T' and give me inspiration for my new adventure...personal training.

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While keeping your front knee over your heel bend your back knee straight down toward the ground.

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