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To anyone who lives with, works with, is friendly with or associated with an alcoholic, it's baffling, infuriating, frustrating, incomprehensible.

And unfortunately, unless you have experienced addiction of some sort, it may stay that way. I struggled with alcohol, assorted drugs and tobacco, and at times even I find myself unable to fathom the behavior of some alcoholics.

Too many of us know someone struggling with addiction, and wonder why they don't want to change.

It seems crazy: booze is making him ill, everyone can see that.

I renamed that post, Selfish No Matter What, and hopefully this one will come up instead. We have only ourselves to blame for our selfish actions.

Why can't they see what everyone else sees so clearly?This condition occurs because alcohol affects the liver and the liver can no longer cope, so the blood supply gets backed up and swells the blood vessels like balloons.The problem is that the veins can burst and the alcoholic can bleed to death very quickly. I once sat all night with a patient of mine with a bad case of these esophageal varices until he could be admitted to hospital in the morning.The truth is that you will never come first, because even if we recover, we will have to put our spiritual health above all else.But don't worry, because if an addict actually puts spiritual growth above all else, then our relationships and every other facet of our lives will end up in the best possible condition. We can't worship anything worldly or we will become sick and eventually relapse.

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Morning eventually did come and I did hand him over, alive.

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