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Pro Tip: Use the heart icon to select favorites in our candle holders collection as you browse.We'll send you an alert should the seller drop the price.Such records as we possess of the magnificent presents made by Constantine to the basilica of the Lateran and to St.Peter's seem from the descriptions to refer principally to the stands and the hanging chandeliers destined for lamps. LXI, 467 and 535), was such that Rohault de Fleury (La Messe, VI, 5) estimates at 8730 the number of lights which Constantine destined for the Lateran basilica. Venantius Fortunatus, Migne, LXXXVIII, 127.) We, in these days of brilliant artificial light, cannot easily realize what unwonted splendour such displays imparted to worship in a comparatively rude and barbarous age.Its height was over eighteen feet and its width fifteen.At present we have to judge of its workmanship from a small portion of the pedestal, which has alone escaped destruction and is now preserved in the public library of Reims.The long shafts are evidently made of alternating spindles and knobs, and they are supported on a three-clawed base of simple form.

little branches wrought in this form and supporting each of them one or more lamps. Besides these, simple candlesticks () were also undoubtedly in use from a very early date.

The well-known medal of Gaudentianus of the fifth or sixth century seemingly shows candles burning upon a ciborium over an altar.

Less open to dispute are the candlesticks seen in various mosaics and carved sarcophagi of the same period.

A remarkable candlestick of bronze is still preserved at Kremsmünster, and is believed by some to be coeval with the chalice of Tassilo, c.

810, belonging to the same treasury; but other authorities assign the candlestick to a date at least two centuries later.

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