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Our vintage ephemera collections show these square grand pianos selling for as much as 0 in the mid 19th century – the cost of a small house! By about 1880-1890, the American upright piano began to win favor as being more fashionable than the square grand piano.

Because they were smaller and took up less space, the upright piano caused the square grand piano to become obsolete by 1900. By the late 1860s and early 1870s, conventional grand piano models began to appear in the sales catalogs of most manufacturers, but were still dominated by the selection of square grands available.

Some Blüthners have the serial number printed below the decal in position 3.

Its usually underneath the music stand, on the frame near the tuning block; between the bass and treble strings. If you can’t find it, then please let us have the number under the piano instead.

Since this was the height of the Victorian era, manufacturers were building their upright pianos with exotic woods and lavish carvings, often producing incredibly ornate and lavish models to suit the décor of the era.

The last decade of the 19From about 1900-1916, the Arts & Crafts Movement was a major force in American design.

For the next 100 years, the square grand piano would evolve into a larger, heavier, and more mechanically refined instrument.

century, American piano makers built and sold more square grand pianos than grand pianos or upright pianos!

These early baby grand pianos were still a bit larger and more massive than the baby grand pianos produced in the 1920s, but they were a step in the evolution toward the tiny apartment size baby grand pianos of the 1930s and 1940s.

Although the Arts & Crafts design was very popular during the early 20th century, piano makers were slow to adapt to the Mission/Arts & Crafts design.

Furniture manufactures were quick to jump on the new trend of the Craftsman style, but piano makers were slow to recognize just how important the Arts & Crafts Movement really was.

The 1920s era was considered the “Golden Age” of piano building.

By this time makers had streamlined operations and the piano had evolved into a perfect machine.

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