Dating laws in michigan

If they enter into a separation agreement, sometimes called a property settlement agreement in Michigan, its terms are enforceable as a contract.The agreement doesn't expire – it can last indefinitely or until either your or your spouse decide to file for divorce.Michigan's other provision related to legal separation involves filing a complaint with the court for separate maintenance.

Moving into separate households may not be enough if it appears you continued a marital relationship despite your living arrangements.In most states, spouses must address the terms of their divorce at the same time they end their marriage, but North Carolina’s divorce process is unique in that it allows spouses to divorce without addressing issues like property division, alimony or custody.A North Carolina divorce decree simply ends the marriage, nothing more.The judge can order provisions for support, custody, division of property and assignment of marital debts, but your marriage isn't technically over, so neither of you can remarry.If you or your spouse decide after years of separation that you now want a divorce, you can't use your separation period as divorce grounds in Michigan.

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