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You will also explore the park, offering a great picnic opportunity, as you solve the clues, some of which are quite cryptic on this Trail!The licence below allows you to use this image in any way you wish, even commercially, but you must attribute the image to me.Handsome period town house believed to date from the late 18th century.A charming and characterful cottage, located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with four bedrooms and a number of comfortable reception rooms.

The contracting parties to the indenture of December 1541 are the bailiff and some 12 named electors, but thereafter it is the sheriff who contracts with the bailiff, conjoined in 1555 with 13 burgesses and in 1558 with the (unspecified) greater number of them, or (in March 1554) with the bailiff and the Members, this last example being cast in the first person and being signed by the Members.They also offer a good variety of alcohol like ales and wines.Ironbridge Gorge and Much Wenlock Museum are ten minutes’ drive away from The Plume of Feathers.No direct evidence of parliamentary wages has been found, but a note in the bailiffs’ accounts for 1538-9 records that 5 was paid to a borough official ‘for his pains for the summoning of the musters and gathering the burgess money’, a phrase which could denote a payment towards the muster, entry fines for freedom of the town or the wages of Members.2Wenlock was not so closely connected with the council in the marches of Wales as were Bridgnorth and Ludlow, nor did it depend upon a single magnate; but the authorities maintained close relations with neighbouring gentlemen, notably the Lacons of Willey and their kinsmen the Blounts and the Corbets, who seem to have influenced the choice of Members.Only four of the 16 Members whose names are known served as bailiff and even they were more than simple townsmen: Richard and Thomas Lawley were the nearest surviving kinsmen of Lord Wenlock, Richard Lee (if correctly identified) was an officer of the royal household who married a Dudley, and Thomas Ridley the husband of a Blount.

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