Dating nice man

He doesn’t moan if I want to do something with my friends that don’t involve him. I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m actually dating someone who isn’t cagey about wanting to be with me.

When he introduced me to his friends, I was blown away (blame the guy who didn’t mention me to anyone in his life for two years).

But then you start dating someone who is a genuinely nice person.And I don’t mean nice in the wishy-washy, personality-less meaning of the word.I’m talking about the kind of person who brings you a glass of water every night without fail.The thing is though, that you did your time by keeping your last unsatisfactory partner off the dating market so you’ve earnt some happiness.These people deserve to be celebrated and so I asked people what things their current S.

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Before going to bed I had to go round turning the lights off and closing the blinds.

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