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After obtaining Forest Service approval, 18 holes were drilled in 2011 to test a variety of targets, including jasperoids, orogenic quartz veins, and sheeted quartz veins.

Several of the better intercepts are mentioned in the "Geology" section of this summary. student, Patrick Quillen, at the Mac Kay School of Earth Sciences in Reno initiated work for a thesis on this deposit and is studying the structural and stratigraphic controls on mineralization, paragenetic relationships of veins and alteration, and the ages of intrusions.

A reduced oxidation-state stock at the Everson area is associated with at least two stages of stockwork to sheeted veins.The gold-bearing stockwork vein system of the Everson Deposit cuts several phases of the mapped intrusive complex and adjoining meta-sedimentary and meta-volcanic country rocks.The intrusive complex lies within a biotite-pyrrhotite halo documented in surface mapping and a detailed ground magnetic survey.Soil sampling has documented a 1-kilometer-diameter (0.62 miles) zone of strong lead and zinc enrichment, with a centrally located zone of anomalous arsenic and copper.In 2011, near the north end of the property, previously unmapped gold-bearing jasperoids yielded drill intercepts that included 7.6 meters (25 feet) of 0.685 g/tonne (0.020 oz/ton) and 10.6 meters (35 feet) of 0.616 g/tonne (0.018 oz/ton) gold.

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These rocks have been intruded by a series of stocks and dikes of porphyrytic to equigranular diorite, quartz diorite, and granodiorite of undetermined age.

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