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Roll on over a year, and the company I work for gave all its employees a bonus.After giving an equal share to myself, my wife & kids, I had a small pot of money for 'Luxuries that wouldn't otherwise be bought', and a beautiful but luxurious statue was at the top of the list. The 2500 of the second edition had sold out, and the only ones available were at quite a premium. This statue is a second hand member of the numbered first edition.This is the original Royo picture that inspired the statue: I rate Luis Royo as one of the foremost fantasy figure artists of the last 2 decades.He is able to depict warrior women who are realistic, beautiful and sensibly proportioned.

If it's in the wrong place, please let me know so I can correct issues in the future.Up until now, if you followed my review, you could believe that the statue is perfect. I do not really like the way the figure is not attached to the base. Much bigger and I think the sculptor would have to work harder at making it as beautiful.It is not actually unstable, just not terribly stable. I am limited on space - we have no space for display cabinets, and I can only use the glass fronted whatnot in our dining room that I rescued & rebuilt after it had been fly tipped in a local field.The hair is the only area where the breathtaking level of realism is not maintained, however it is the equal to the best I have ever seen.This is no museum quality modern art statue; It's far better than that.

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The figure is complete to her fingernails, eyelids and ear lobes.

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