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If the answer to these questions is no, let me recommend that you do a bit of soul-searching as to what you’re really looking for and whether you might be purposefully avoiding or delaying getting serious about marriage.

(Sometimes, we have good reasons for doing so.) But if after sincere reflection you believe that the problem is truly that no one appreciates your skater style, let me know, and I’ll take dating referrals for you. Now, onto our next young single Mormon seeking love and marriage, a young woman we’ll call SR.

And I did marry outside the faith, to a Jewish man who has been a superb partner and father and a true ally in matters spiritual.

And, yes, my marriage broke my parents’ hearts, and it has taken years for everyone to get comfortable with the situation, and sometimes it’s uncomfortable still.

But I can tell you that my own path led another way. I too sensed that my own spiritual journey would make for a difficult marriage, a burden, even, to an orthodox Mormon man.

This week, the AMG inbox was abuzz with messages from readers with love and marriage on the brain.

The first is a young man we’ll call Mormon Skater, a cousin, perhaps to the Mormon hipster made famous of late in a rather silly article from Utah is supposed to be the proverbial land of plenty for any returned missionary seeking a wife with whom to spend time and all eternity, and trust me when I say that upon returning from my mission (in Kobe, Japan) I fully expected the skies to open, inundating me with potential brides to be.

Maybe it’s naive of me to think that there might be a female counterpart to myself among the strict Mormon ladies of northern Utah…

might I be better served by getting a hair cut and a shave, and becoming more like the clean cut guys who I constantly see gracing the insides of the conference issues of the Ensign?

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I notice that you “fully expected the skies to open, inundating [you] with potential brides” upon your return from your mission; at the same time, you admit that you’re “mostly not interested” in the girls in your wards. They also take sincere curiosity and interest in others.

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