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The reason foreigners attempt to suppress or shy away from their natural accents is obviously a conformist instinct to want to fit in, blend in and be accepted [as was my case growing up]. This may get you far in the corporate world, but in the world of dating and pussy-banging, concealing your accent is shooting yourself in the foot… Had I known this growing up my entire life in New York City, my pecker would’ve fallen off from the sheer amount of vagina probing I would be doing [ok, the worst analogy ever]!There’s an odd twist to the accent game though: not all of them are created equal.Had I known better, that speaking English with an accent would be an attraction for American, Canadian and Brit girls, I would’ve never suppressed the English accent I was born with.Having been Americanized, I speak standard English with a New York Tri-State area accent, where one could not discern whether I was a born American or not.The Caribbean English accent fascinates women; particularly white girls.In Jamaica, it’s very common to see white tourists who become expatriates and defectors from their native countries to Jamaica.

He will attract lots of girls just by uttering few words. This can’t be said however for men from the southern states [quite the contrary].Having an accent could be a powerful component to your overall attraction value.Growing up, I had always masked my natural accent, which is a Caribbean-English accent similar to how they speak in Jamaica [I was born in the Caribbean islands].Sure they like the culture, but the foreign English accent is the first line of attraction.This is also true in any other English-speaking country in the western world.

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Any Latino guy who speaks English with an accent, and you’re reading this article right now, I’m encouraging you to embrace your accent and even go so far as to play it up by pretending to not know much English.

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