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MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – The age of consent in the Philippines is 12 years old.

In the eyes of the law, a Filipino can legally engage in consensual sex at the age of 12.

And the ramifications of this have already begun to show.

The Philippines has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the region.

Sison asserted that sex education should begin at the start of adolescence and lamented the fact that Sex Ed is left out in many school curricula.

Evangelista-Swanepoel pointed out that a 12-year old is typically in the 6th grade, hardly what would be considered as a position of emotional and physical maturity to make an informed decision to have sex.

Problematic Setting the age of consent at 12 is problematic in itself, but when we zoom out to look at the bigger picture, we can also see that the law is inconsistent with our other existing laws related to sexual health.

We are one of nine countries in the world where rate of new HIV infections continues to increase by more than 25 percent.

(READ: HIV and teen pregnancy: A national youth crisis) CONSENT.

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We are losing out on the importance of talking about taking care of your emotional well-being, knowing and setting your boundaries, your right to say no, protecting your self-worth and self-respect – the very things you need to watch out for when you share your body with another person.

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