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A cleric in Saudi Arabia has called to keep the ban against women driving there, after claiming that their “lack of intellect” compared to men meant they should not be in control of a car.Sheikh Saad al-Hajari said that they had just half the brainpower of males – but this fell to a quarter when they “went to the market”.But he tried to soften his criticism by adding that they could not pray as much as men because they had periods and so it was “not their fault” they were not on the same cerebral level.Mr al-Hajari’s comments sparked calls for him to be ousted from his religious role, with his comments described as “offending and denigrating” women in Saudi Arabia.Senior figures have joined the chorus of condemnation, including Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who called it “unjust”.Seeking - The rich men dating site works for serious singles!Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person.

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It comes amid growing protests against the ban on women driving that have swept across the ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom.

Mr al-Hajari, the head of the Saudi government's religious edict authority in the southern province of Assir, spoke out against "the evils of allowing women to drive" at a lecture.

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