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The number of female contacts they have in their cellphones seems to be far more important to them and their egos, than that one special woman with whom he could create a lasting, committed relationship.And although they certainly want the physical sex, they do not want the emotional and vulnerability components that are required for a true relationship.But, if you want to find lasting love and you’re over 40, online dating is still your best option.You’re not socializing with singles on a regular basis. You don’t get set up often, and when you do, it’s usually just because the main thing you have in common is you’re both single.Feels to me that men have a new addiction—online dating instead of video games.They seek the virtual infatuation instead of reality.You are picked based on a two-dimensional picture, which says nothing about who you are on a substantive level (we all know men do not read profiles). Men who are attracted and interested in a real relationship will usually read women’s profiles.] Not knowing if I should call/text or should I WAIT for his call/text?

I feel like there is a tendency to not want to be all in on the entire dating process.

I stopped doing this because of ugly emails I received in return.

Unfortunately, not everyone on these sites are mentally stable.

The nervousness, the unknown…I really hate the awkwardness if it isn’t a match and the disappointment that I don’t feel a connection.

I used to look for that instant spark and chemistry, but it usually happened with the wrong guys.

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