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The price isn't too bad, and it's in line with other running apps.

Spring, the most comparable app because it's also music-based, costs a little less than Rock My Run: .99 per month.

After three-quarters of a mile, I stopped and shut the music off. Back at home, I looked through some more music options.

Maybe 80s music or pop would be more my speed, both figuratively and literally.

The songs were definitely better, but they still sounded crazy when sped up to 148bpm, which is closer to my heart rate while running at a comfortable pace.

I'm not all that keen on listening to music while I run, but I didn't feel like Rock My Run and I got started on the right foot.Fun to Try I'm so glad the Rock My Run app lets new users try it for seven days without entering credit card details because you really need to experiment with it personally before making a decision about whether it works for you.In my case, it didn't, but I'm not a fan of working out to music in general.I knew I could always choose to play the music in Standard mode, with no change in tempo, but what would be the point of that?Several people posted positive reviews of a Mix called Star Crossed Pop, which keeps a steady 128 beats per minute if you play it Standard.

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