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The kicker is that you don’t need masterful game to land a feminine woman in Eastern Europe—being a standard issue beta male will actually get you a serious girlfriend just as fast, if not faster, than being a cocky alpha who is a pro at fucking American sluts.

Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece were fashioned by Renaissance writers and artists (the time of the Pharoahs, Fomenko suggests, may have lasted into the 1700s).

There were the Mesopotamians with their cuneiform scripts; the Egyptians' hieroglyphs and demotic scrawls; and later, the Greeks and Romans, whose societies form the backbone, for better or worse, of our own—if only because they kept such meticulous records.

We have all sought and found these connections to our past—in museums, in books, in the ground. And it is ingrained in us so early, so matter-of-factly, that it permeates most of our existences without demanding critical reflection. Anatoly Timofeyevich Fomenko would like to blow your mind now, please.

It no longer works in getting them to do the bidding of women like it did before.

The article shows how it’s easier for an American beta to land a feminine woman abroad than in his own country.

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