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As you’ve seen we starting to build our own brands with the 20 sites marketed by us but frankly we don’t need to.

We’d rather be the company behind the successful brands.”“According to our research 25 per cent of our visitors are coming from mobile.

Revenues for the forthcoming year are expected to hit £36m, it’s just moved to a new headquarters in Waterloo, and the USA is beckoning. That’s because when co-founder Ross Williams and Steve Pammenter decided to jump into the burgeoning online dating market back in 2003, they decided not to take on the global giants like head-on, but instead launch a white label dating business.

With 1,480 partners who run over 7,000 dating sites, and the cracking of the US market on the agenda, we thought we’d catch up with co-founder Ross Williams to find out more about the ‘behind the scenes’ dating business.“We set up Singles365first to get a database of people together.

Effectively a third of audiences are going to be single and online dating has really taken off.“Many of our clients are making £10,000 - £20,000 extra every month; it’s a very effective additional revenue stream.“We’re now the biggest site in the UK and now we have the majority market share in South Africa and Australia.”“We were based in Windsor and while it’s very pretty looking out over the castle and the park, London is the place for development talent.

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It’s very expensive to run a data site because you have to look after the technology and run customer care etc.“Our model works on a revenue share basis, we don’t take money from our partners until they start making some – we share the revenue from subscription 50/50.”“Yes, daters are aware of this when they sign up.

Someone could be featured on any number of sites depending on their specifications. It is our job to get ‘our product’ (the dater) on as many shelves as possible.”“It started from my living room in Bracknell.

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