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via GIPHY "I have to agree with Nadia and it would make good TV and great show.We'd get to see Katie's vulnerable side plus be good fun," tweeted a third.Tyger's ears got a bashing before we were even halfway through episode one. It was one of the first questions he asked date Natalie and, we quote: "I like a clever girl. And then in the same episode, he complimented receptionist Tom on the pen in his hair AND used a chat-up line on Nadia that made us want to slide under our duvet and cringe for eternity. She was so happy after her FIRST EVER date and it broke our little hearts when her eyes started to well up when things didn't work out later down the line.However, the conversation soured when the chat turned to national affairs.Despite having previously told the programme that "I would so much rather chat politics than penis size, any day of the week" Toff became visibly irritated by Beer's seemingly unfitting socialist creed.star was set up on last night's (February 15) episode with banker Ciran, though beforehand she burst into tears after she was grilled about her financial expectations for a partner.

She previously worked as the Overnight TV & Showbiz editor for OK! She started her journalism career in 2014, where she worked on the video desk for the Daily Star and Daily Express.

' And I was like 'great, where's the wine list', I'd never heard of her." Fortified by "about ten pints and two shots beforehand", Beer gallantly agreed to drop his principles for the sake of the meal and impressed Toff by mentioning he was in a band, enjoyed indie rock and had taught English to kids in Nepal.

Beer – full name Crispin Peter Benjamin Beer – seemed to have found a connection with Toff over their boarding school backgrounds.

" Describing the date as "so frustrating" and Benjie as a "complete contradiction" and "literally Lord Left wing", Toff sought to burnish her working class credentials by noting she went to a grammar school, even if it was only for a month.

Benje then compounded the situation by saying: "the reason I disagree with Conservatism is because at the end of the day, they're happy to leave people behind".

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