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Below is a selection of research on race, ethnicity and identity in the United States.————————-“Adolescent Racial Identity Self-Identification of Multiple and ‘Other’ Race/Ethnicities” Harris, Bryn; Ravert, Russell D.; Sullivan, Amanda L. Written responses reflected eight distinct categories ranging from elaborative descriptions of conventional race categories to responses refusing the construct of race/ethnicity. Abstract: “Children prefer learning from, and affiliating with, their racial in-group but those preferences may vary for biracial children.Students’ endorsement of multiple or ‘Other’ ethnicities, and the resultant categories, differed by gender, grade, school type, and school compositions. Monoracial (white, black, Asian) and biracial (black/white, Asian/white) children (N = 246, 3–8 years) had their racial identity primed.Which makes sense, since this is the land of opportunity, and, you know, we just want to make sure everyone has theirs. “They tend to be more loose about having sex with people they just met.It is very common in Denmark to pick a girl up at a bar, but in America you can pick girls up at the beach, a restaurant... They tend to be more open and straightforward when they really want you and find you attractive.” “American men could be more patient and romantic when they have sex.

Adolescents from immigrant families, however, already experience the social and cultural shifts thought to typify globalization, and an analysis of their experiences could shed light on what to expect as existing national barriers become more permeable.

The present study examined the moderating role of ethnic identity affirmation and achievement on concurrent and longitudinal relationships between exposure to stress (discrimination, family hardship, exposure to violence) and antisocial behavior in a sample of 256 Black and Latino male youth (70% Black) living in low-income urban neighborhoods.

Using regression analysis, concurrent associations were examined at age 18, and longitudinal associations were tested 18 months later.

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