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If you're uncomfortable doing this, tell a supervisor. If you write an email, send it from a company email address.

You'll want to document every action that's taken by you, along with the response.

If you are uncomfortable facing the harasser, write a short letter or email letting her/him know you want the behavior to stop.No matter what, you should document everything (each instance of harassment, what actions were take by superiors, etc.), as it will only add to the strength of your case.Personally Inform the Harasser His Actions Are Offensive While this is the most difficult act for victims of harassment, it is ultimately the most effective method of ending the behavior.Keeping a journal of such events will strengthen your case and allow you to recall events clearly without worrying about forgetting or mis-remembering details.Employer Retaliation is Illegal Employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees who file complaints.

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