Is keyshia cole still dating young jeezy

Cole is happily married to Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson, and together they’re raising their son in a home filled with joy — so much, in fact, that they’re sharing it with the world on their new reality show , which premieres tonight on BET.

The super-cute couple stopped by our offices to talk love, parenthood and what happily ever after looks like in their world. How does it feel to be married and a mom?

Rumor has it, Keyshia Cole is dating Bow Wow and, in order to keep their relationship secret, she disappeared from social media.

Singer Keyshia Cole may be best known (and loved) for her remarkable ability to belt out unforgettable songs about heartbreak and pain, but these days there’s nothing but love in her heart. How do you keep the spark going when you’re on the road and can’t be together? We enjoy each other’s company, so any time we spend time apart, we automatically start missing each other. So when you find somebody that you really know truly loves you, and you truly love, I think it’s really worth going through the battle of learning each other and what to do and not to do, and trying to love that person unconditionally, regardless of anything.

A few years later I obtained my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University.When they broke up, Shad Moss also known as Bow Wow ruffled feathers when he posted a pic of himself with his daughter’s mother. - The "D" stands for Detroit because that's my hometown. While I love my job as an educator, I also love to write.I think we all can take a chapter out of Jay Z and Beyonce’s book by keeping relationships private. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science from Western Michigan University.Gucci Mane was set up and ambushed by five men, one of whom he ended up killing and was then subsequently acquitted of murder.Earlier this week, Gucci talked about allegedly being set up by Jeezy on Power 105’s Breakfast Club radio show and even called his opponent a “sucker.” As anticipated, Jeezy then reacted by calling Gucci ‘retarded’ and said he is angry because he won’t do another track with him.

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