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The physical controls interface fell into the hardware/industrial design category, so it was in this area that I began my work, conscious that I would have to discover a way to design both in an integrated manner if the whole user experience were to be successful to the degree I felt was achievable.After observational studies of users and their operation of previous generation ultrasound systems, I noted that most of the functional modality, rather than being integrated together and accessible in an organized and consistent manner, was implemented in a manner that insured it would be difficult to learn and access.

For industrial design projects such as a Federal Reserve bill-sorting system, which I worked on for Recognition Equipment Incorporated, and an automated blood analyzer that I worked on for Abbott Laboratories, I conducted extensive design research.

In early 1994 I was approached by Apple's Director of Design to conceive and develop two conceptual OS GUIs for home computers Apple was contributing to the Magic House, part of the larger Innoventions exhibit at Disneyworld's Epcot Center.

The kitchen-based computer featured applications such as email, video post-it notes, home energy monitoring and control, an interactive cookbook, online grocery shopping, an Internet browser and concepts for weather and traffic conditions, maps, and driving directions.

My notion of computers was a hazy mishmash of images from the media - giant mainframes with blinking lights and spinning tape reels in movies such as Desk Set, space-age computers in Batman's Batcave, and even the cartoon character, Mr. It's ironic how closely the drawings resemble the format of many of my later interaction documents, showing sequential operation, and tying together as many elements as I could to make the computer's operation simple for people to understand and use.

The game's goal was to zero in on a target, entering an angle for the artillery round to be fired, and getting back a positive or negative number indicating having either shot beyond or in front of the virtual target.

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My reasoning, which I still find completely valid and underexplored in the information architecture and user experience design fields, is that leveraging the human visual cortex with interactive visualization will be many times more powerful than using artificial intelligence, agents, or simple schemes such as "page rank" to pre-digest large data sets and return a few suggested hits.

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