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Soon after, I would go to the supermarket with my mom and push shopping carts back into the store to get S&H Green Stamps (remember those? There were no slide rules in the S&H catalog, but my mom enjoyed buying household things from the catalog and rewarded me with a Pickett N902-ES simplex trig all-metal slide rule (shown below), bought at the supermarket itself.

I think it cost .49 back then, the equivalent of in 2013.

Hopefully you'll find it entertaining and interesting.

My grandfather gave me his Keuffel & Esser N4080-3S log log duplex trig slide rule about the time I quit using slide rules regularly.

I took good care of it (as you can tell even from the case) and it got me through high school and college technical classes, even though by the end of my time in high school everyone else was using calculators.

I had a calc, but it didn't have nearly as many functions as the slide rule.

Click on image for larger, hi-res image (2630x916 pixels, 413KB).

The smaller picture above appears approximately actual size on my monitor.

If you are slide-rule literate, you'll know how to get cosines, arc-cosines, and arc-sines from there.

My dad had a poor-quality slide rule when I was a kid but I thought it was really cool, and he let me take it to school starting in 7th grade.

The other kids said it was cheating, but the teacher recognized the value and what kind of occupation I was headed for, and didn't just tolerate it, but even seemed to encourage it a bit.

Here's the front: Click on image for larger, hi-res image (2798x711 pixels, 377KB).

And the back: Click on image for larger, hi-res image (2798x711 pixels, 377KB).

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