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The MC refers to him as a cute yellow boy and admits to only seeing him as a younger brother in the beginning. When you first meet, he already thinks you have perfect chemistry.

Salire also has a tendency to cry, especially when the MC slams the phone shut on him twice while he is talking (she was in a hurry! He’s insecure because of his age, and he looks to you for advice and encouragement. His special weapon is a slingshot, which the MC calls a pea-shooter. He’s not really good at explaining things and prefers to take action rather than talk. Allen deals with his problems and emotions by working out showerings afterwards. He doesn’t say more than is necessary, therefore he tends to come off as cold or short.

A love gauge determines how well the player is faring.

Satomi then downloads cellphone boyfriend Riku, which her co-worker Eri downloads onto her cellphone.

Story/Gameplay: While having a dream, you meet a group of spirits known as the KEITAI Guardians.

High school student Ayumi kills herself and leaves behind a cryptic message that says “will be killed by boyfriend.” Ayumi’s classmates Satomi (Umika Kawashima) and Yuka (Aki Asakura) investigates her suicide and quickly links her death to a cellphone dating simulation game called “Keitai Kareshi.” The game distributed by popular mobile gaming site “I-Scream” allows players to pick avatars and exchange messages with the “moile Bf’s” .

Satomi then downloads cellphone boyfriend Riku, which she got from Ayumi’s phone.

Her co-worker Eri downloads Riku onto her cellphone.

Soon after, Eri dies from electrocution – not long after the love gauge on her cellphone hit 100.

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