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It is sometimes not recognized the importance that trust plays in an intimate relationship, but it is critical for satisfaction and fulfillment.

Leo, the yang sign, brings out the yang in Cancer, while Cancer, the yin sign, brings out the yin in Leo. Somehow they are always expected to be regal, dignified, completely prepared, immaculately manicured, in complete control of the situation, and ready at a moment’s notice.Cancer will slowly and carefully guide the couple through the steps of courtship, dotting all the appropriate i’s and crossing all the appropriate t’s until they reach the end of the road — matrimony.Cancer will make sure that the trip is simple, comfortable, cozy, and sweet.These two go everywhere together in spirit, have no secrets, and trust like children. Degree of Marriage: This is an ideal combination for marriage.You’d think Leo would get bored with Cancer, but he fulfills so many of her unspoken needs that it can last forever. Progression of Relationship: Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means he will be in control and knows what to do.

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He can easily fall in love with her who can flatter and respect him.

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