Meet filipina whores

When a visit by Pope Francis caused congestion in Manila earlier this year, Duterte called him a “son of a whore.” On social media some supported Obama’s move with colorful language of their own.

So I sent another ,500 for her to be hospitalized.

Duterte might have picked an especially bad time to insult a US president.

The Philippines relies on the US providing a balance of power against China in the South China Sea, where in recent years Beijing has grown increasingly aggressive, posing a direct threat to the Philippines’ control of its own maritime resources.

I insisted and asked her if she was doing anything for it. I asked if she had clean water after the typhoon, and she said, no it was dirty, but better than nothing.

On my own initiative Sir Galahad sent her for hydrogen peroxide.

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The Tagalog term used translates roughly to “son of a bitch” and came up yesterday (Sept.

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