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I started to watch men on webcams, I was watching transvestite and shemale porn and absolutely messed myself. I wasn't sure with my sexual orientation due to the stuff I was doing alone at home, I was desperate because of my sexual experiences with the girls and absolutely didn't know what's going on.

I was on the edge when I decided to go to porn cinema usually full of gay guys where I could even risk catching some STD by entering it.

My question I guess is was this enough for any of you?

What was your porn addiction like in level of seriousness/frequency?

It was like finding a cure for all my previous problems I had for one or two years. I finally plucked the courage to stop My PMO once and for all. I've already stopped watching Porn for 18 days now and the withdrawal symptoms is killing me.

I couldn't resist and checked out what's new on the website of that porn cinema I've visited and what those gay guys are posting on the message board. I'm 14 and I've been masturbating since I was 11 Idk why I started but I guess I kept getting addicted and now I've been with a girl for a while she is stunning beautiful and just drop dead gorgeous and we had our first time sorta at her sisters boyfriends house but we couldn't do it all the way cause her pants were in the way and now I wanna have sex with her I really do but I have erection problems sorta like it goes down after a little or doesn't get completely hard I really need help I keep masturbating and I'm trying to stop but when I get a erection I get the sensation of wanting to do it again bit I need help what can I do?? I couldn't find decent girl too i was watching porn and heavily MASTRUBATED. Ok lt me count from today before next peak of my desire i should get ready with a girl say no porn no mastrubation Hey guys I thought this might interest some of you.I have started with masturbation as a small kid, don't even exactly remember when.Firstly I just used my imagination, then classic porn on the internet and then more and more kinky stuff that lead to every day experimentation with myself in the most kinky ways.I had my first sexual intercourse with a girl when I was 19 and my penis was losing erection in vagina.I thought maybe I was just nervous or something but since then every time I tried anything with the girls, I always lost my erection when came on sex or girl giving me a handjob etc.

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