Methods dating human fossils

What a person thinks about the age of the earth depends on their worldview.

So, for you to ask to identify a non-Christian scientist who has provided evidence for a young earth is a contradiction in terms.

We might not be able to go there in the flesh but this site can penetrate every country on the globe. Support this site Could you please provide details of a more accurate scientific method of dating which can tell us the age of the earth more accurately than current scientific methods.

For example, if you do not accept dendrochronology as an accurate method or radio carbon dating which method do you accept and and on what grounds.

It's like asking to identify an atheist who argues for the existence of God.

That said, there is much evicence that non-Christian scientists report that contradict the idea of long ages, althought they would not see it that way.

It amazes me that I still hear all the regular mantras I heard in college as an unbeliever, "all real scientists believe in [macro] evolution." Groupthink is alive and well. ) Hi David, It seems that you have missed the point.

Which illustrates that, contrary to popular belief, the dating methods are not the primary way that ages are decided. Their results are always ‘interpreted’ to agree with other factors, such as the evolutionary interpretation of geology and fossils.

The great commission tells us to preach the Gospel to every nation.

It seems to me that while creation ministries likes to question current scientific assumptions, they put forward no answers that are not subject to the same, if not more, criticism.

Hello John, It's not "science" but "evolutionary science" that we are talking about here.

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They said the sample was contaminated with excess argon.

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