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I was on a swipe left rampage and almost swiped left on my now boyfriend, but, thankfully, I caught myself before I let go and BING it was a match. One thing I don’t like about the app is that you get a DOWN Score, which compares you to everyone else on the app.My best friend also met her current boyfriend of almost a year on Tinder as well. You can only message if there is a mutual “like” between two people in a certain area.You upload four photos of yourself with a short bio, if you want, and you judge people in your area based on if you think they are hot or not. The interesting thing about this app is that you get to choose if you want to just hook up or if you are looking for a relationship.I know, it sounds terrible, but love at first sight is a thing and it worked. This feature immediately helps determine if you and a match are on the same page.They send you possible matches everyday at noon, but you aren’t limited to finding the right someone just during your lunch hour.From the photos in the i OS app store, it seems to be a combination of tinder and Hinge, you have the option to “like” or “pass” on potential mates, but you only have a week to chat in the app before the match “expires.” I personally don’t think I would use this app just because I spent almost a month talking to my now boyfriend on Tinder and Tinder only before I gave him my number and decided to meet him.Thomas Lennon is horrible, boring, and anything but funny. The story lines in the first two episodes were lame..the laugh track couldn't get me to force a smile.

It is a free app and their website says that a million people download the Ok Cupid app each week.

Their website states that 650 couples meet each week through their app.

This app uses mutual friends but also allows you to go looking for possible matches as well.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to share information with someone you can’t decide if you like or not yet.

This could be perfect for you fast-paced people though. The basis of the app is to suggest date ideas along with fill out a profile so you can connect with people and then instantly have a date idea to get you out the door and talking in person.

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You enter a lot more data into Ok Cupid than you do Tinder.

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