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Just to top off the awesome, there's in-game chat, so you can trash talk your opponent during the match.

The ads — which show up as a full screen every time you take a turn — are annoying, so if you plan to play this regularly you might want to upgrade to the .99 version, a process which, you'll be glad to know, keeps your username, games and settings safely intact. Full screen photo ads every time you make a move = annoying Available as a separate app for i Pad?

To say that here at Mashable we "heart" word games is as much of an understatement as saying the ocean is a bit wet.

Fellow wordsmiths know there are few things better than a good game involving language, but with the App Store brimming with such offerings, which ones do you go for?

Tools to help include some extra cards at the bottom that are optional to use, and the ability to "burn" three cards per level if you really can't use them. Take the bubble-popping principle of the likes of Bejeweled, add in a dose of running-out-of-screen Tetris panic, and mix it up with some word game action and you have Alexia.

The problems which are being faced vary from one individual to the other. Krishan is a well-respected Psychiatrist and Sexologist with 7 years of experience in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Psychiatric disorders & Sexology Disorders across different age groups.After the timer has run out the blanks are filled in so you can see what you missed, and if you didn't miss too many then you might want to take advantage of the connect to Facebook option to report your progress to friends. Fairly, there are full screen photo ads between each level, which you have to skip past Available as a separate app for i Pad?Jumbline 2 is available for i Pad Addiction level warning: Your fingers will be twitching to play This comprehensive free offering gives you the choice of playing solo, play and pass with up to four friends, playing online with random folk and a challenge mode for you to throw the gauntlet out to a buddy who also has the app or plays on Facebook, which is a sweet touch.Finally, a list of Moxie words means more points, so it's worth checking them out before you play if you've got your eye on the high score prize. If you get tear-your-hair-out stuck then you can chose to see the answer, although to your shame it shows on the grid which you've chosen to reveal. No Addiction level warning: Mine enemy is productivity As the name might suggest, Word Solitaire mixes up a word building game with the classic cards-for-one Klondike solitaire.It sounds simplistic but as you're building words and hoping the correct letter turns up to complete it the engagement level can get quite high. If you're a crossword fan and you give this a try we bet it won't be long before you're shelling out .99 for the full version that offers crosswords from 26 sources. Instead of clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds the cards in the columns are made up of vowels and consonants and you have to move the cards around to build words.

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