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If you’ve ever administered a DNS (name server), than you know that serial numbers mean a lot.But what happens when you have several [hundreds|thousands] of zone that you need to make a mass-change to.It was reproduced 100% of the time, and required a complete restart in order to get the touchpad working again.There have been several forum posts and bug reports regarding others experiencing these exact […] Read More I run Fedora on a few of my machines, and inevitably over the course of time the filesystem will need to be repaired because of orphaned inodes, wrong free byte counts, etc.14-Sep-2009 .852 xfer-in: transfer of '' from 2.111#53: connected using 2.135#55065 14-Sep-2009 .906 xfer-in: transfer of '' from 2.111#53: resetting 14-Sep-2009 .938 xfer-in: transfer of '' from 2.111#53: connected using 2.135#49317 14-Sep-2009 .074 xfer-in: transfer of '' from 2.111#53: failed while receiving responses: REFUSED 14-Sep-2009 .074 xfer-in: transfer of '' from 2.111#53: end of transfer I disabled SElinux for testing (using setenforce 0), restarted bind9, but I still receive the errors included above. Any idea on how I can further track down what may be at fault?It would seem to me that if the server is logging the inbound notify, then it knows there is an inbound request.Typically when EXT4 errors are detected during boot, Fedora will detect this and offer to drop you into “Emergency mode” or continue.example: […] Read More bash bind brightness centos cloud code Dell Dell printer ubuntu Dell V715W Fedora firefox GRUB2 HOWTO inspiron intel graphics keyboard hack KVM linux mail mint named openproj Open VZ own Cloud postfix python relay host rpm scroll bar security shellshock smtp ssl storage stunnels synergy touch screen Touchscreen Ubuntu VM vzctl enter webdav xps XPS 13 coding and scripting (2) comedy & funny ha ha (6) firefox plugins (5) linux administration – tips, notes and projects (89) ubuntu linux (20) WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better.

I've successfully enabled logging on ns3 and that exposed a few problems; ns1 is NAT'd, but not 1:1, so instead of 2.111 being presented, 2.68 was, which is our firewall.Only if the serial number is higher will it attempt a zone xfer.But the serial number is key - if you're not updating the SOA, I'd not expect A notify is not "Here is some new data you should know about", it's "Now's a great time to check the serial number".I don't block anything outbound from the servers, only unsolicited inbound.So TCP/UDP 53 is open inbound to the servers, but they have free reign back out.

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Steve , it's the 208.x.x.x address that isn't updating, but the 76.x.x.x address is.

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