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When saving measured data or set-up data, there is a limitation on the number of files that can be saved depending on the data format. The DLM2000 Series Oscilloscope is capable of performing enhanced parameter measurements and calculations.

The number of files that can be saved for the data format is listed below: Waveform ... This feature allows you to perform automated measurements of waveform parameters of two different areas. The DL series instruments are capable of measuring the delay between traces or the delay between channels.

In order to debug these types of systems, we are now seeing an increasing need to interpret the digital signals and confirm the corresponding action.

Given this need, we have developed the DLM2000 series of mixed signal oscilloscopes which are compact, lightweight, portrait-shaped (293 mm (H) × 226 mm (W) × 193 mm (D), 4.5 kg, see figure 1) models that inherit the shape of our conventional DL1000 series.

'First, a scope can identify waveform quality issues related to analog characteristics such as noise, rise time, or overshoot.

A new generation of 8-channel mixed-signal oscilloscopes enables engineers to address many of the measurement challenges presented by the increasingly complex electrical and electronics signals found in today’s industrial control and power systems.

The definition of a high-performance oscilloscope really is all about the customer's point of view.

The DLM2000 comes standard with 8-bit logic, and offers advanced waveform display performance with waveform analysis functions.

The name “DLM2000” represents the familiar “DL” series plus mixed analog/digital system analysis (a mixed-signal oscilloscope), hence the “M.”In recent years, energy-saving instruments including inverters have been actively developed.

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It is not possible to perform automatic rise or fall time measurements on DL ... However, we do provide a list of support options which will contain more details ...

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