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Welcome chat place online games features free online games, chat while you play games.

The fact that I spend my days contemplating the inner mechanics of the Sony collective consciousness surely spells ill for my sanity.

At any rate, Home in its current Beta state is a fairly interesting place to do some digital people-watching (and oh, the results may burn out your eyes from the sheer pain of it, I warn you…) or a tour of the possible future of social networking services for the intrigued.

Rudder Count - Created by Ruddernation Design™ 2017 - https:// the script to your selected page to start counting, To display the counter add - Visitors: echo $Rcounter_count to the area.

Below is a list of canvas effects that you can create using HTML5 and Java Script, These work on almost all devices, If there is a device it doesn't work on well then let me know via the contact form below.

Simple demo to show how to display a video as your background image on a website with HTML5, I've added the correctly formatted video files for each browser and if on a older browser it will simple show the image provided.

or Protect your internet activities from governments, hackers and to help if you've been banned on Tinychat! Then these are perfect for you, Change your IP with just one click!The chat domains use now only use the Web RTC version of Tinychat, I try to keep maintenance and updates down to a minimum, but sometimes you may experience some downtime, If you happen to come across any issues or would like to request a new feature or add/remove your chat room then please contact me and I'll do my best to help you.Have fun talking about the game or anything you want to share. Our award-winning games and studio reputation attract top talent from all over the world.We are looking for passionate game developers to join our accomplished team.

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ADDENDUM April 8th 2012: Despite the below listed rules being quite simple and for the good of the community, there has been and continues to be a number people seeking to challenge these rules, complaining about "censorship" and their right to "freedom of speech," and then when they ultimately get banned, acting with disbelief, hysteria, or both.

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