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If you are dependent on staying in phone contact with your family or business back home while you are vacationing, one suggestion is to buy an inexpensive long-distance phone card on the way here, just in case it is needed.

You will be responsible for complying with all of our policies upon confirmation of your reservation (when you receive the lease via mail or the internet, make a payment or take possession of a rental unit). House rentals are available Saturday-Saturday or Sunday-Sunday, whichever the owner chooses.

Some properties are also available for rent during the winter, including holidays (although limited service is available in December). Rates for each property are determined by the owner and listed in the property description.

Additionally, if the property has not been re-rented and the leaseholder wishes to reinstate the reservation at any time after we receive the cancellation in writing, we will reinstate the reservation for a fee of 0 plus all applicable taxes.

Back to Top Cell phones: Service for Nextel, Sprint and T-Mobile users has proven to be somewhat spotty in the past several years.

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