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While such data are important, impacts would be more accurately assessed through comparative, on-the-ground investigations of reproductive success.

Project partners will collect baseline breeding information on more than 15 species of tundra-nesting birds in the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area.

For further information about specific grant projects, please contact the grantee listed in individual project summaries. By establishing the predictive accuracy and geographic applicability of the models, partners are helping to provide natural resource managers with updated tools for predicting the effects of various land-use practices on bird abundance.

The North Slope of Alaska offers vital breeding grounds for 20 or more species of Neotropical migratory shorebirds and waterfowl.

Each year, millions of birds perish due to collisions with overhead power lines, communication towers, wind turbines, and other structures.

Information on bird populations and habitat features will be used together to compare ecosystem health at the study sites and to help guide adaptive habitat-management strategies in the area.

The principal known threat to red knots, whose population has shown catastrophic declines in the last 20 years, is their dwindling food resource of horseshoe crab eggs in Delaware Bay—its final stopover before flying to breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic.

The least-understood nonbreeding population of red knots is the one found in Florida, which, given declining numbers at other sites, has become increasingly important to this species’ survival.

Royal Ontario Museum, International Wader Study Group, British Trust for Ornithology, Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Manomet Center for Conservation Science, and an individual donor.

The three main wintering areas of the red knot, a long-distance Neotropical migrant, are Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America, Maranhao in northern Brazil, and the gulf coast of Florida.

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