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Human rights violations of Catholics helped fuel three decades of violence in Northern Ireland between Irish nationalists seeking a united Ireland and mainly Protestant unionists who wanted Northern Ireland to remain British.

“I see parallels with 25 years ago and sectarianism when we thought Catholics and Protestants were a different species,” said Reverend Charles Kenny, a Church of Ireland rector from Belfast, who took part in the march.

Patrick), forming what is today known as Gaelic Christianity.

It gradually gained ground and replaced the old pagan traditions.

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Funding for Maynooth College was agreed as was Catholic Emancipation to ward off revolutionary republicanism.

Following the Easter Rising of 1916 and the creation of the Irish Free State, the Church gained significant social and political influence.

During the 16th century, Irish national identity coalesced around the Irish Catholic concept.

For several centuries, the Irish Catholic majority were suppressed but eventually the Church and the British Empire came to a rapprochement.

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In more recent decades, this has been in decline due to liberal modernity.

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