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The best way to avoid illegal recruitment is to know how to search for the right agency.

Senior Counsel Rajah will be joined by renowned Queen's Counsel Toby Landau, now a practising Singapore lawyer, as well as three former Justices' Law Clerks: Mr Tham Lijing, Mr Colin Liew and Mr Calvin Liang.

Crowdfunding sites welcome the new code, saying it provides a common set of best practices that industry players should adopt in an evolving charity landscape.

Ms Nikki Kinloch, chief executive of Simply Giving, said: "It can only be good for the public that they can trust and believe in the sector, as we will have common guidelines to follow.

"VK's stature will add lustre to the brightness of some of Singapore's brightest in law, in this set up." Mr Rajah, who served as a Supreme Court judge and Judge of Appeal before becoming attorney-general from 2014 to last year, said he wanted "to find a role that would embrace excellence and personal autonomy", after having left public service.

If you want to make sure if the recruitment agency you are applying for POEA jobs in Canada is approved by the POEA, then you must first do your own search.

The new Code of Practice will require the sites, among other things, to do due diligence to ensure the legitimacy of fund-raising appeals as well as ensure transparency by giving updates on donations received.

Talks are under way between the COC and key players to develop the code, which is likely to be ready in "a couple of months' time", said Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu at the Charity Transparency and Governance Awards yesterday.

Asia for a dead baby when the parents are not seeking donations. Asia shut down the campaign and returned the money to the donors.

In July, the authorities said they would set the record straight - by sharing information about particular cases - should people give misleading or one-sided accounts when asking for help.

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In the meantime, for the year 2009, I have a few POEA accredited agencies below listed in POEA to accept application forms for jobs in Canada as of Sep 17, 2009 PM.

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