Speed dating cheyenne

"Sometimes the hardest part is getting them out of their cars in the parking lot," Basquez said.

"The second hardest part is the first conversation.

No flame jugglers were working this particular lunch, but some speed daters appeared to flinch at the fake gunshots punctuating their conversation.

Basquez, has built a business bringing people together (and not just Catholics).

So far, Basquez says her company, Catholic Speed Dating, and affiliated blind dating match service Faith Match, have been credited with 30 marriages – not necessarily between people who met at the events, but including people who used her service and then found someone to marry.

She said many are professionals, doctors, dentists, FBI agents, people who travel for work and don't really socialize with people who would make good marriage partners.

"As my 71-year-old mother would say, 'It's not over til it's over.' And that means until your life is over.

She's been married for 57 years." Of course, many first-timers are nervous.

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