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Attendees who have signed up for Speed Dating will have a blue, green, yellow, or red dot on their badge.

We have added an extra hour to this year’s Speed Dating, split between the same number of attendees, resulting in shorter lines so you can see more agents.

(We post names and descriptions of the agents on the website and in the program.) We also offer the Ask A Pro session as part of our full conference program and at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

This session will bring our attendees face to face with many of the most talented and insightful editors, agents and other publishing “Pros” working locally in California and in the New York publishing world. If you are registering by mail or fax, be sure to mark it on your San Francisco Writers Conference registration form.

Maybe I take the issue a little personally because of my years unhappily dating men, but it really does upset me to think of other girls feeling obligated to fake attraction.–Fairytale Freak Now that is the sound of a passionate fan.”Lindsay Lohan: “I still love her as a person.” [Personal note this is my favorite straight girl saying ever ever.]Piers Morgan" “But were you IN love with her?We did, and she confessed she’d never been with a girl before but was always curious.We hooked up that night, and there was so much push-and-pull from her, where she would stop in the middle of kissing me and say things like “This is so weird!

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(It’s on Saturday afternoon in the Peacock Ballroom. IMPORTANT: You must be a registered conference attendee to sign up for The runner-up in the children’s category of the SFWC Writing Contest last year (Melissa Savage) will be introduced at the 2016 SFWC…

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